Remember “maybe you can’t change the world by saving one animal, but you will change the whole world for the animal that you save”

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Our Wish Lists :

  • Volunteers who are willing to work at the shelter or for the shelter.
  • Become a member of our organization and choose monthly donation or customize your contribution.
  • Bag of Rice, Wheat, Atta Soya-bean for distress animals at shelter home.
  • Cattle feed for large animals.
  • Energy-saving light bulbs .
  • Paint (outdoor and indoor)/whitewash .
  • Cleaning Equipment like swabbing clothes, floor mops and brooms
  • Feed the shelter animals on your birthday or anniversary.
  • Need one Autoclave for sterilize surgical instruments.
  • Need Coolers and Fans.

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When we reason, a cause arises, and when the cause is given a direction, it becomes a commitment and that commitment is then given a name – That's how we – “PEOPLE FOR ANIMALS FARIDABAD ” came into being. People for Animals campaigns for animal rights. It spearheads a popular movement for respecting all life on this earth and is small but crucial part of India’s growing environmental awareness.

People for Animals Faridabad
is a registered Trust working for Animal
Welfare and Environmental Awareness since June 2007. We are currently providing our services in Faridabad, Palwal and Hodal.

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||Philip Wollen Animal Welfare Award 2016||

On 18 December, 2016 our President Ravi Dubey received Philip Wollen Animal Welfare Award - 2016 and reward in form of Cheque of RS. 125000/- in favour of Ravi Dubey for excellence in the field of Animal Welfare at SND Public School Palwal, Haryana by Sh. Yogi Ashwini ji from Dhyan Foundation and Sh. Alok Ranjan(ICAS) member Finance, Inland Waterways Authority of India and Sh.Bhudram Parton of SND Public School Palwal.

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